2011…bring it on

Projects for a new year.

There were so many things I didn’t get to make this year so I thought I would make a not exhaustive list of some of the projects I hope to get around to this year.  I’m sure more will be added…

I love this bag by Shanineal – her etsy shop has so many great things.  If I don’t get around to making something similar I can always buy one.


Can’t wait to make some scrabble tiles!


And I could do with something to put my sunglasses in…


Cushions with a difference. There are more pictures on the site – I love these!  Each flap hides an embroidered word. Endless possibilities.


I still have to crochet a bikini for my sister-in-law as part of my 40 year old challenge.


These could help to keep things tidy … maybe…


But these are my absolute favourite!!!!  Unfortunately I can’t remember where I copied this picture from – sorry generous person who posted this picture.

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handmade in 2010

A collection of little handmade projects, mostly gifts.  They may be small but they are all finished!

1. Lined owl pouch 2. Felted heat pack 3. Crochet flower scarf 4. Ipod ‘cassette’ cover

5.  100 flower scarf 6. Lined bird pouch  7.  Birthday cupcakes 8. DIY bunting kit

9. Fabric envelope set  10. Christmas tea cosy 11. Red door pouch  12. Flower tree

Have you tried flickr? Once you start looking it’s hard to stop.

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pouch crazy

Trying out the new mosaic function on my Flickr Pro account.  These are some of the pouches made as Christmas gifts for friends.  Lots of fun and endless possibilities…

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really wild christmas tree tea cosy

Try saying that quickly a few times!

The finished tea cosy.  It probably needed to be a bit larger … maybe next time.

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Cait’s fabric letter set


Originally uploaded by northcoastjo

This was inspired by the fabric envelope competition at SewMamaSew – see the amazing creations here.

The postcard comes with detachable words to make your own messages. Well so far it only comes with the three you see, but hopefully more are on the way during this Christmas break.
There is also a sheet of ‘writing paper’ and a fabric marking pen which fades in 2-4 days. Hopefully this will save a few trees and be lots of fun.


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make your own bunting kit

A handmade gift with a twist … the recipient has to do all the work. But in this case I don’t think she will mind.

Just take some coordinating fabric, a length of bias tape, a triangle template and some basic instructions.  A bit of cute packaging and you have a do-it-yourself craft kit!

Better than anything you can buy and a great beginners project.  I wonder if boxing day might turn into sewing day…..

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really wild tea cosy

Have you seen this book?

The author doesn’t exaggerate – these tea cosies really are wild.

I decided to make one for my parents for Christmas which involved learning how to knit on circular needles.  It isn’t hard once you get it – but thank goodness for Youtube demos!  A nice lady showed me how to get started and then it was fine.  It really is better than using four double needles.

I decided to go with a Christmas theme so I have knitted the cosy shown on the front cover but instead of pompoms I am going to decorate it to look like a Christmas tree – I hope.

This is what the lining and outside look like so far.

I’m thinking some red and white buttons, crocheted silver tinsel and a star for the top.  Not sure how I’ll make the star but I still have a few days to work it out!  Hopefully you will see the completed photo soon.

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