40 year old challenge

When my nieces and nephews turn 13 our family give them a teenage challenge.  It’s pretty simple.  There are thirteen different tasks,chosen especially for them, which have to be completed before they turn 14.  A whole range of things – catch a fish, play guitar in church, grow vegetables, cook dinner, write to the Prime Minister, enter an exhibit in a local show, read the New Testament…. and so on.  Tasks that are supposed to be achievable, although some require a fair bit of effort and planning – it is a challenge after all!

So lo and behold at my birthday there was a different type of challenge. Presented by the whole family via a powerpoint. Not a teenage challenge but a forty year old challenge.  And not with only 13 challenges but a total of 22.  Good grief.  Looks like I am in for a busy year.

So here they are.

Food related challenges

Eat an apple 5th July 2010

Make a caramel pie 8th January 2011

Make your own wine

Get your kids to cook dinner for you

Creative challenges

Crochet a skimpy bikini for Aunty Sarah

Scrapbook your 40th birthday party

Publish a book

Active challenges

Ride a horse

Ride 250 kms on your bike

Climb Mt Warning

Catch a flathead

More Active Challenges

Do boot camp for a week

Swim 3 laps of the pool

Ride a surfboard – standing

Holiday related challenges

Organise a Burke family holiday

Go away for a weekend with Hamish

Random Challenges

Play the piano in church

Get a letter published in the paper 30th June, 2010

Read the Ingo series 29th July, 2010

Funny  Challenges

Get a photo of yourself as a stop/go person on a road crew

Dress in an appropriate seasonal costume and accompany Sarah on the coffee van for a morning

Hard Challenges

Beat Naomi in the world globe game 9th July 2010

So…that’s the list.  Some don’t look too bad but really … playing the piano in church! I think that should have been in the funny category.  And organising the whole Burke family to have a holiday at the same time.  Sure.  Why would there be a problem to coordinate a teacher, two ministers, an off shore miner, students, self employed coffee van drivers, casual airport security workers and a farmer to all have a week off at the same time.   And to agree on that week far enough in advance to actually book something!

And more importantly – do we want Aunty Sarah wearing a skimpy crocheted bikini.  Because you know she will!!!

So for now I’m just going to contemplate the challenges and while I decide where to start it’s off to play the globe game…


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