retro rules

Ever since we came across the ipod ‘cassette’ cover we have been looking out for other fun ideas.  And then we saw this at ipodcasesblog and couldn’t resist.

The kids kind of remember the etch-a-sketch.  I think there was one in the doctors waiting room for a while.  But it’s really a flash back to an earlier generation.  I had to explain why it was funny/ironic.  They tried to understand a world without instant online access but it wasn’t easy.

The problem was that we don’t know anyone who actually has a ipad.  I know someone who really wants one (HINT HINT) but that isn’t quite the same.  But then I remembered that my sister-in-law was given a ‘promise photo’ of an ipad for her last birthday so that seemed good enough.  It would have been easier to have the actual ipad to measure but I took the dimensions from the apple site so here’s hoping.

A few sheets of red felt, a bit of stitching and voila!

Fully lined to keep the precious ipad safe and snug … when it actually arrives that is.  For now it is holding a pencil and paper – remember those.

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