striking it rich

I have wanted to go fossicking for a long time.  We often drive through sapphire country on our way to visit our country cousins but it has always been difficult to persuade the driver to stop when arriving at the destination is of utmost importance.

But this time I carried out extensive lobbying and due to overwhelming support (the children) I was able to book our family in for a fossicking lesson.  Sure … some people may have been under the impression that they were about to become rich but you never know!!

Les explained the whole concept and then we all got stuck in.

First for the heavy dirty work..

And then the fun part – looking for the stones that shine!

Not shown in actual size…

So there we are.  Some of our shiny sapphire finds.  No one is giving up their day job – yet!  But we are looking at when we can go again and spend a few days.

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