Christmas in July

Seems how July is nearly over I thought I better get in quick with this one!

I love the idea of Christmas Craft in July – making a headstart on all those projects which would otherwise be frantically attempted in November and December.

But instead of Christmas Craft in July I have been working on Decluttering in July.  And I may still be working on this project in August … and September…  and maybe even October.

So this is cheating but I am going to show a small craft that I completed  last year for Christmas – one of the Betz White felting crafts.

Felted Pine Cones.

She used repurposed wool which was a little difficult to come by in our subtropical summer time so I suppose now would be a good time to hit the op shops if you want to stock up on brown jumpers to felt ready for this christmas!

Some people out these – who probably have much cleaner houses than me – have already been getting into the christmas craft spirit.

Check out – to be inspired by Elizaeth who is making something each month for her two children and is also compiling a list of stocking stuffers.

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