Farewell masterchef

Last night saw the end of Masterchef for 2010.  What will we do?

It was only fitting that the Masterchef final was marked with a culinary celebration.

Good wine, great food and a Julie Goodwin cake for dessert  – food heaven.

But first up was the mystery box – thrust upon an unsuspecting friend along with the obligatory chefs hat.

The contents of the mystery box

Tin of sardines

Fresh ginger


Sausage mince


Blue jelly

A cheese triangle

And of course  it wouldn’t be masterchef without – duck fat

In twenty minutes with no advance notice and limited kitchen space we were presented with our entree …

Stuffed mushrooms a la Neville – served three ways.  We sort of wished that one of the ways hadn’t included sausage mince but then we did put it in the box.  And at least he didn’t use the blue jelly!

Farewell Masterchef – we will miss you1

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love this idea – it seems like a fun, family kind of thing to do year round, and you could call it Mystery Box Monday!

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