school holidays are coming

In a few hours school holidays will have begun.  Two weeks of no rushing to make lunches, catch the bus or produce clean school uniforms.

On the other hand there is the potential for all day food snacking and boredom – the kids that is!  I have no problem with all day snacking.

This post from Betz White reminded me of the holidays where I had prepared an activity chart which was really just a big two week calendar.  We marked on all the activities we had planned, including a few surprise activities, any special meals or visitors and what I would be reading to the children each night.  It also had my work days so everyone knew what was going on.

I think we will do the big calendar thing again for these holidays but I love this chart because it promotes the idea that school holidays can be a time to have goals and accomplish things.  There always seem to be things that we don’t normally have time for so while the holidays should be a time for relaxing we don’t want to let them drift aimlessly by.

So, off to stock up on food, ideas and inspiration … and to have a little relax before all the action begins.

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  1. Amber says:

    Our school holidays are always so hectic. The ideas you suggested are great. It would be good to give my kids school uniforms to keep them busy, and out of trouble, during the break.

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