Where did all the flowers go?

No, this is not a winter lament.  Although winter is pretty harsh here on the North Coast.  Just the other day one of the children wore a jacket to school!  Well, maybe that was because I insisted.  And threatened. Repeatedly.

It’s not the real flowers I’m lamenting.  It’s the crocheted ones.  The hundred or so crocheted flowers that were supposed to be  sewn together into a rainbow scarf.  The project that was definitely without doubt or compromise to be completed before any other projects were started.

Oh… those flowers.

So what happened you ask?  Why isn’t this pile of flowers adorning my neck right now?

The answer sadly is that –  the project was hijacked. Not by men armed with guns but by my own 40th birthday party.

I was having so much fun with my homemade decorating (tomorrows post?) and happened to use the blue/green hued flowers to decorate some of the branches that I had around the house covered in fairy lights.  And then when it came time to take them down the next day  I got to the last one and …  I just couldn’t.  It looked so good.  And I didn’t feel like it had been appreciated or enjoyed enough. And so it stayed.  Despite the dubious looks from the husband, despite being knocked over repeatedly by the children, the branches remain.

And as I am still enjoying them it might be a little longer before the scarf comes together in all its rainbow glory.

But I think that’s ok.

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One Response to Where did all the flowers go?

  1. Sarah says:

    How many ways are there to say “You’re so talented!” before it gets old? 🙂 Gorgeous flowers!!

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