wheat packs

Some little birthday gift projects – featuring crochet flowers of course.

This is a wheat pack for those chilly winter nights. It is repurposed (i’ve been waiting to use that word)  from an old wool jumper which I felted so it is soft and quite thick.  The wheat is sewn up in its own flannelette bag made from an old cot sheet.   Then it is sewn into the outer bag which has been decorated with … crocheted flowers.   I used buckwheat which has a bit of a grainy smell so its probably best to use something else unless you wish to add essential oils to the bag.  We sprayed it with a bit of perfume which has worked (but probably not a good option for a boy). I might try another bag using rice.  Heat in the microwave for about a minute and a half.

I also made a few of these hair ties.

To make these really neatly you can crochet the flower directly onto the hair elastic while you are making the adjustable ring centre.  Start off with a few stitches and then hold the elastic circle up against the front of the crochet circle. Complete the single crochet into the circle – pulling the elastic through after the yarn over.  Then move the elastic out of the way to complete the circle.  The flower is neatly secured to the elastic!

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