I spy a birthday girl!

It’s official!  Caitie has turned 10.  And what was on her birthday list this year….? She wanted glasses.  Real glasses. Even though her eyesight is perfect.  Have you ever walked into an optometrist and tried to explain this?  Hmmm.

So of course we had to get her this Charlie and Lola book.  And a pair of oversize Dame Edna glasses.

But what was in that small little package?  A real pair of glasses all the way from England.  They are called eyestylers.  The miracle of online shopping!

It was a wonderful day of cakes, presents, family and running well in the cross country.  And all her favourite food for a special birthday dinner.

So when it came to the cake there was really only one option.

And she had no problem reading this at all.

Which obviously proves that her new glasses really do work!


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  1. Sarah says:

    I love, love, LOVE that cake! And tell Cait that she isn’t the only one who wants glasses just because…!

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