managing your project stress

It’s true that while the internet contributes to ‘project stress’ it also offers some  tools to help manage it. 

I recently joined Ravelry – a site for knitters around the world to upload their patterns (some free but others for sale) and list the projects that they are working on.  The great thing is that you can list projects that you are working on at the moment as well as placing other patterns in a queue for later.  You can see which patterns are popular and also the difficulty rating given by those who have used the pattern.

I have placed a pair of felted slippers in my queue which is quite a nice feeling!  I don’t know when I will get to them but they are safely waiting for me.

Sadly there is not enough time in the day to get much craft done and there are a lot of other important things which also need doing.  I have been using the No Bible No Coffee rule the past few weeks which has increased my bible reading significantly – its sad when you have to bribe motivate yourself to read the bible this way but it really does work.   After piano lessons yesterday my son and I have made a new rule No Piano Practice No Facebook ( 20mins for him, 30mins for me).  Lets see if this works !

I has forgotten how close my children’s birthdays were when I made the bold statement that I would finish my scarf before starting anything else! Birthday gifts may need to be an exception to this rule.

Maybe someone could develop a site where we could list our housework –  although my queue for later might get a bit too full!

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