How cute are these balls of playdough – all the colours of the rainbow.  And the model showing them is pretty cute too!  This picture was posted on a friends facebook page a few weeks back and I was momentarily jealous that I don’t have a three year old.We don’t really need playdough at our place these days (and what was I thinking!) but  bit of rainbow cheerfulness is always a great idea.

I  just happen to have been given a bag of crafty bits and pieces from a friend who is moving house and couldn’t bear to throw away the leftover craft stash from when her daughter was young.  Amongst some other  goodies were different lengths of wool in the most vibrant, cheerful colours.

They have lots of future possibilities but for now they have been rolled into little balls of rainbow colour to bring some cheer to the coffee table.

Do you have any rainbows hiding at your place?

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  1. Hey Jo!
    I made some rainbow cranes today and thought of you…have a look !
    love holly

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