happy birthday grannie

We celebrated Grannie’s birthday this week with a little afternoon tea party.  Tea, birthday cake and a game of scrabble.

The birthday girl was the winner!

Cake decorating in a humid climate is not ideal – even the simple act of piping chocolate becomes difficult.  The overall effect was pretty good though, even if the piping was a bit wobbly.  Youngest son was happy to help in arranging the real scrabble tiles for reference and eating the leftover white chocolate squares.

Oldest grandson was interested in learning how to play scrabble and had a game with Grannie later in the week.  He has turned out to be a worthy opponent and as he visits his grandparents twice a week after school things are looking up for Grannie.

How long until he wins a game – not long I predict.  I wonder if he would like a dictionary for his birthday….

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