cupcake bombs

Just when you think that you can find everything and anything you want on the internet you search for “bomb cupcakes” and …. nothing. Well, almost nothing.

Surely this isn’t such an unusual search topic.  I didn’t want them to actually blow up or anything (although that would be cool),  just to look like a bomb.   

Next week is our church holiday kids club and the theme is spies.  We will be hunting for clues, deciphering secret codes and of course, blowing things up.  We have plenty of coke & mentos and bicarb & vinegar on hand but I thought a bit of cake decorating might be fun as well.

Lacking any internet inspiration the kids and I headed into the kitchen and came up with a few options. 

They have to be easy enough for the children to decorate themselves but still look bombish.

Each cupcake contains a little surprise – but we don’t want to give it away just yet!

We also had a little experiment with white fondant icing backgrounds and our own fingerprints using black food colouring.  They didn’t look so good on a cupcake but later we thought that they might look more like a fingerprint card if they were made using a rectangular biscuit as the base.  We’ll have to work on that idea back at headquarters.

This message will not self destruct…althought that would be pretty cool too.

It’s fun being a spy.

Oops… I guess real spies don’t tell people that they are spies.

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3 Responses to cupcake bombs

  1. Bron says:

    We woz worried there for a moment – our Jo a spy!!!! you are a super mum doing holiday craft.

  2. Janey says:

    You are truly amazing! I am retiring : )

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