crazy easter chicks

One of the really fun things about working in a library is preschoolers storytime.  Not only do you become an instant celebrity – “Look Mum, it’s the story lady” – but you also get to read children’s books, create craft and get paid for it!

I’m not that into easter craft as a rule.  Do people really decorate for Easter or is it only Martha Stewart?  But these chicks in nests met all my storytime criteria – quick, easy to prepare and cheap – or was that cheep…

The nest is made from a folded down paper bag and filled with shredded paper.  It was fun to make but more importantly it could be used to gather up easter eggs. Maybe I should have used a bigger bag…

These were made copying my example.

And these ones were a tad more creative.

But my this little guy was definately my favourtite!

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