If only I had known about Modge Podge…

One square canvas frame, a few christmas verses and a carol or two, glue and the odd embellishment and here you have it.  It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

This was our 2008 christmas craft for playgroup mum’s which had to meet the usual ‘easy, quick and affordable’ criteria.  We had a bit of an angel theme happening and spent a few minutes thinking about the angels appearing to the shepherds.  A pretty impressive way to announce the birth of a pretty impressive baby.

We used craft glue which was okay for ordinary paper but not so good for the transparent sheets or tissue paper.  If only I had known about the miracle of Modge Podge which would have been great for this project and many others.  So good in fact that there are whole websites dedicated to it  – Modge Podge Rocks for example.

I thought it might be fun to give this a whirl with the kids this christmas. I’ll have to try not to panic when they combine gold and silver on the same canvas or maybe we could mysteriously run out of gold bits and pieces.  It could happen you know… Really!

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