Celebrating December 1st

Shops around town have already put up their christmas decorations which is of course ridiculous! Everyone knows that December the 1st is THE DAY that the christmas season officially begins and that everything that makes christmas ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ is allowed to burst forth.

Since having children we have been finding that there can be so much build up towards christmas that it is almost impossible for the actual day to be as good as we were expecting it to be … especially for our kids.  Of course we are all excited about getting presents – who isn’t – but we don’t want our kids to only be thinking about what they are getting.  This isn’t the only reason for celebrating.

We are trying to enjoy Christmas more in our family by celebrating the whole season in a lot of little ways.  We always make a big deal of the 1st of December to launch us into the Christmas season.  This is the day that we decorate the house and have little surprises for the kids.  A few years ago I made mini santa hats for each of our children’s favourite stuffed toys. We snuck in at night to stitch them on and we could hardly believe how excited they were to discover them in the morning.   Now they request that we “surprise” them with the hats each year.

We will be making some hats this week at our monthly ‘Time Out for Mums’ morning at playgroup as well as pondering how we can celebrate the here and now instead of falling into the trap of always looking to the future.  It’s fun to plan ahead (especially at Christmas) but hopefully we can balance that with enjoying the good things that God has given us today.

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