Birthday boy – have your cake and eat it too (well why wouldn’t you!)

I have recently been involved in a series of high power talks and negotiations.  What were they you ask?  The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, protection protocols for Australian book publishers, world peace …. worthy topics but not as important as “The Birthday Cake”.

Yes, youngest son is turning seven – an event we have been anxiously awaiting since the birthdays of his siblings way (way way) back in May. Normally negotiations can go on until a day or two before the big event but as we will be away on holidays a bit more preparation was required this year.

Fortunately talks went well, previous cakes were consulted and we have decided on a repeat of this treasure map cake.

This cake was a real hit because of the buried treasure. Use a melon baller to neatly scoop out the cake and hide the treasure – mini M&Ms are perfect!  When the cake is replaced you can hardly see where the treasure is buried.  The birthday boy is guaranteed treasure as he gets the piece marked with the cross but there is plenty more treasure out there.

Oh the joys of a rectangular shaped cake!!

This years cake will look even better as we will be using lego pirates for the decorations. It was pointed out that these will be more in keeping with the overall scale of the cake and of course you get to keep them … I told you negotiations were tough.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Jo, you are so talented! I should have guessed that you’d have some ‘caking’ skills, as well as being clever and fun…

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