The world’s easiest women’s camp

Back in July a bunch of women from our church got together to have an overnight camp.  We started with Friday night dinner at a restaurant, had supper and fun back at the campsite before a bit of sleep (not much) and a full Saturday together.   It took very little preparation but was a great time to spend together and with God.

The Saturday programme was pretty full but still allowed  time for relaxing and hanging out together.  We had an optional beach walk before breakfast and then two morning sessions of one and a half hours each.  Time to relax after lunch and then a third late afternoon session before dinner together and heading home to snuggle into our own beds.

The camp was easy to organise.  Instead of a speaker we watched a set of three talks by Lizzie Smallwood which were given at the Katoomba Women’s Convention in 2008.  The theme was The Complete Woman based in the book of Colossians and the talks were outstanding.  Lizzie explained the passages really well, challenging us to think about our own lives and using some very colourful and lively illustrations to bring the words to life.

We set aside half an hour straight after each talk for a time of personal reflection and prayer.  We had some reflection questions to work through and then people chatted more generally about the talks when we came back together as a group.   The time alone was a really helpful way to process what we had just heard – it’s great to talk about what we have learned with others but it’s really more beneficial to bring ourselves before God while the main points are still fresh in our minds.

We were fortunate enough to have a real live hairdresser to give one lucky person a surprise makeover on the Friday night which we all watched from behind our mud masked faces – thanks Trish! This was a bit of fun based on the premise that there’s no such thing as an instant transformation.  Add in a few silly getting to know you games and some homemade pizza and the camp is done.  Too easy!

All you need to do now is beg, borrow or steal buy the DVD, book somewhere to stay overnight, download the questions and you are done.

I told you it was easy!

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