I’ve been reading… 365 nights: A memoir of intimacy by Charla Muller

Well what can I say – this was one book that I was really curious to read.  There’s been a fair bit of publicity (or hype) about it  but even if you haven’t heard anything about 365 nights you must admit that the title is enough to get you at least a little bit interested.

Charla Muller, who describes herself as a fairly typical american wife and mother, decides to give her husband a very unique gift for his 40th birthday – sex every night for a year.  Her reasoning is fairly straightforward. She wants to give her husband a gift which is both meaningful and memorable – something which no-one else could give him.  And an honest look at their relationship leads her to believe that intimacy is one area that they could really work on.  Will it turn out to be the perfect gift?

As you might expect there are a few hiccups along the way – the first being her husband’s reaction to the news of his gift.  Let’s just say it wasn’t what she was expecting.

The book raises a lot of thought provoking questions about the role of sex and intimacy in a marriage relationship.  Does sex increase intimacy, even if one of you isn’t that into it?  Does knowing you will be having sex later that day force you to deal with issues rather then ignoring them or brooding about them? How can couples work out what is the ‘right’ amount of sex for them?

Considering the title I would have expected a bit more focus on the sex – the book was amazingly discrete!  It also rambled in parts and I would have liked to have known a bit more about what her husband was thinking about it all.  Don’t buy it – just grab a copy from your local library and have a read…. although you might want to keep it under wraps if your husband is about to have a significant birthday.

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